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Loads of fun for Paulina during her multi-day birthday extravaganza this year. Things got started with the classroom party last Friday, then the big birthday bash at Chuck-E-Cheese’s on Saturday with 17 of her closest friends. Thankfully we had a couple of days to recover from that before the official birthday on Tuesday (though Jamie kept telling her that morning that she wasn’t actually five until 9:30 a.m. because that’s what time she was born; this, as you might imagine, didn’t go over very well). While Jamie went to camp, Polly and I saw “Yogi Bear” in 3D and played “School” with her new teacher uniform. I was lucky to get a good grade (“A” for “Awesome”); another student in our imaginary class got a “B” (for “Bad”) and was told that if she complained she’d be locked in school all night! Then it was off to get Jamie and hit the Duckpins bowling alley. For those who don’t know, at a Duckpins alley you have a small ball and very small pins and you get three throws per frame. It’s perfect for kids. The day wrapped with pizza and ping pong with our friends Brian and Mona and their 8-year-old son Lucas and 4-year-old daughter Willa.

Polly spent the entire day in her new outfit from Aunt Pat and Uncle Ernie, tu-tu and all.

Can’t believe we’re going to go through all this again on Saturday with Christmas morning!


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